Colorfy: Colouring Books For Adults

I continued my Creative research in the iOS app store. I found a beautiful app called Colorfy: Colouring book for Adults. The app is described as colour therapy as it helps users relax and get lost in what they are doing. The app is mainly based on floral and mandala pictures to colour. There are many of these to choose from. All you have to do is choose your colour combination, tap to colour and share your creation with your friends.

12041769_872847346102981_1214015354_n 12064077_872847329436316_2059014793_n 12071584_872847332769649_749126631_n

This app is similar to the interactive colouring book app I previously discussed, however it does have many differences, this app is not interactive its for adults and the drawing style is really different. Im enjoying looking at different drawing styles within similar apps it really encourages me to experiment in the way I draw things and try something I never have  before.


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