Main Character Finalised!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.26.56 a.m..png

Once I was finished all my experiments I decided to again draw her in all different angles to get a sense of what she will look like from the side and back, this will aid me in illustrating the actual book later on.

It was a long process from start to finish designing this particular character. Being the first one to be designed it would be as I had to decide on style, features and effects. The rest of the characters should not take as long as they will follow characteristics of this one.


Adobe Illustrator Effects

So, I have my character designed as well as colour palette. As I wanted my style to still look quite sketchy while digitised I decided to play around with different effects on Illustrator.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.13.57 a.m..png

This particular effect is called Neon Glow I thought it was really cool, I wanted to try is as I thought It would look really good as she is a JellyFish and the glow would add a lot to it, However the effect completely changed the colour of the character, therefore making it unusable plus I want to go for like I said a more sketchy effect.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.14.31 a.m..png

This effect here is actually two effects, one being the neon glow and the other being a rough pastel effect, The pastel effect gives it a sketchy look but again the neon glow completely changed the colour of the image.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.14.39 a.m..png

Here we have an effect called plastic wrap I think its a really nice effect, but just not quite what I am looking for.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.14.08 a.m..png

This here is the rough pastel effect on it’s own, This is my favourite one and I think it really captures what I am going for. ¬†Below is a close up just to get a better idea of what it looks like.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.15.17 a.m..png


Colour Palette

Now that My character was digitised and I had already experimented with some colour I decided on the final colour palette for her. She would have beige skin, brown hair and purple attire (different shades of purple). I also distorted the outline around her to give her the sense of being an unfinished drawing, I also made use of all the cross hatching I seemed to do during the sketching phases of designing her and I really like the effect it has.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.52.39 a.m..png

Digitising Begins

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.39.54 a.m..png

Once I completed my drawing I scanned the image into my computer, imported the picture to Adobe Illustrator and began to trace the sketch with the use of the pen tool. Once I had the basic outline I began to experiment with colours. It was fun to do this and see what way she looked with different colours. I prefer her with more human type skin so I don’t think I will be giving her skin like you see in the last two images in the picture above.

I will be completely honest I am not really in love with any of the colour options above so I think I will definitely keep experimenting with some more colours for sure. It was really good to do this though as it allowed me to see what I don’t like or what I don’t think will work.

Final Sketch

Trying to incorporate all the recent sketches I have been doing I wanted to come up with the final design of my main character. I had done different sketches of hair, torso’s and different types of JellyFish and I had previously decided on what the facial features would look like. I also sketched up a finished face that I was extremely happy with. Below you see the design I came up with I am very happy with the turn out and I think the drawing is at a standard where I feel comfortable enough to digitise the character as I do not like to go anywhere near digitising a character until I am fully happy with the drawing I have done.



Just quickly wanted to show the different tops I sketched up for my main character I wanted her clothes to be extremely basic, modern and something that was timeless. Again modern like the hairstyle but not so on trent to todays styles. As you can see very basic items of clothing and I think I would just like to go with something like the T-Shirt.


The Face

Now that I have the bare bones of my character I thought it would be a good idea to finally come up with the final design of her face. Like before the facial features are very minimal and I already pretty much designed them, also I did like the shape of the face from the hairstyle I chose so I decided to slot them all together and see what I ended up with.


The end result was actually something I was really happy she looks like a normal woman, I do not want her to look supernatural at all I literally want my characters to look like general human that just happen to live in the sea and have fish parts for legs! I also wanted to emphasise that she does not look too evil as throughout the book I want to portray her as a good person, so I did not want her to look like a typical villain.

A JellyFish? (Villain)

So, like I said I really liked the idea of a JellyFish it is something I just keep finding myself gravitating towards. I looked up some JellyFish online just to get an idea of what different types, styles of ones exist to hopefully gain some inspiration. I sketched out a few and really liked the outcome.


As you can see I tried to sketch each one to look different to see what I liked the best. Coming out of the top I just marked off where the torso would be if I was to use a JellyFish as my main character. I decided that I would go ahead with this as I think it would be really cool and different if my villain was to be half jellyFish, half Woman.

Villain Design (Body)

Keeping with the design of my main character, It was time to decide on what sort of sea creature she would be. Originally I was designing her as an octopus but I was a little unsure whether to change it and make it even more unique and different. I did a couple of sketches. One is a weird octopus type, different to the one I was designing during phase one of the project, However I did not like it.


The other design is some sort of sea snake I thought this could be a good idea to play around with, but being 100% honest I did not like this either. I am still going to keep sketching up some ideas. I think a jelly fish would be really cool and different. So I might sketch some ideas to do with that.