I decided on a colour palette that I liked. Below you see my final decision, I chose these colours as I thought they where bright and fun and they would stand out. Like the villain character I placed an Illustrator effect on the princess, this was again the rough pastel effect that I will be using on all of my characters to give them a sketchy unfinished look. I went a little overboard with the effect on the princess as you can see here. I am still getting used to using it and will tone it down a little with the rest of my characters as well as illustrating the actual book.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.01.53 p.m..png



After I completed a sketch that I felt was ready to be digitised, I imported the image into Adobe Illustrator and began to draw the character using the pen tool. Like before i then started to experiment with different colour palettes and see what I liked best. I started with head and shoulders first to experiment with different skin colours and hair colours to see what complimented one another.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.38.31 p.m..png

Afterwards I completed a full version of the character again in different colour palettes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.36.46 p.m..png


Princess(finalised sketch)

After sketching numerous ideas to do with the princess, I had a good idea of what she would now look like. I decided to put all of my favourite elements of the ideation phase together and see what the outcome was.

I decided to do a finalised sketch of The Princess before digitising her as I wanted to make sure I was fully content with what she looked like. Below you see the final sketch, I was extremely happy with the outcome. The character again has similar features to the other character as well as a slightly pointed chin, I thought this would be a nice little detail to include on female characters. I really like how her Mermaid tail came out I think it is quite different and makes her even more unique.


Princess (face)

When designing the Princess’s face I again had a lot to go on. I knew from the previous character what sort of facial features she would have. I decided to just sketch some quick faces to get the ball rolling.

The Princess would have the same sort of eyes, nose and mouth as the villain character. I was a little on the fence what sort of hair style she would have. Do I give her long flowing hair that is generic to princess’s and mermaids or do I do something a little different and give her short hair?

After taking it into consideration I decided to give her long hair. Not to be stereotypical but to differentiate her from the villain character and make her seem more youthful as long hair is often representative of youth.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.02.12 p.m.

Princess Character(tail)

First and foremost I wanted to establish what the Princess’s tail would look like as she is a mermaid. By doing this now it will also pave the way for what way my King character will look as he is also a Mermaid(man). Like before I always start with paper. Sketching up a lot of ideas to see what I come up with.

I wanted to make my mermaids different and unique, in order to achieve this I had to come up with my on version of a mermaid tail.


Starting on the Princess Character

The villain character is the main character, as I designed her first she took the longest as I needed to basically establish a style. Through designing the villain I now know what style my characters will be, what facial features they will have and what Adobe effect I will put on them once they are digitised to give them a sketchy unfinished look.

By already completing these experiments in the design process of the villain character I will not have to do these for the princess character or the rest of the characters for that matter. This will slightly decrease the amount of time spent experimenting with each different character giving me a little more time to concentrate on their colour palettes.

I decided to start designing the Princess character next, her name will be Cecelia, Cece for short. At first I was a little skeptical whether or not to call her this name as I thought it may be a little hard for children to pronounce, however, by talking to some professionals,  I was reassured that this word could be achievable by most children within my target audience age group.