Current Works in Progress

I started playing around with Ursula’s body. Still trying to figure out what exactly she will look like. As well as colouring.

As for Ariel I began drawing her on Illustrator but i am not sure how I feel about her as of yet. I hope to have all characters fully finished ASAP I am just being too picky as of yet.


Revised Project Statement

“A classic story from the villains point of view with a modern twist, wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated storybook”

Since the fist Phase I have decided to do a storybook rather than a graphic novel as I want to put more detail into my illustrations something i fell a graphic novel will not allow. I also decided to modernise my story and give it a new lease of life.


As my prototype I decided to depict a scene in my story in which Ursula and Triton are Teenagers. In the scene the two are very much in love. This particular illustration will be a two page spread and will reflect what is being said in the passage written on the page. Ursula is on the bottom of the left hand page lying on the ocean floor facing triton who is in a similar position on the right handed page. The two are gazing lovingly into one another eyes.

Prototype Objectives

To show what a two page spread would look like within my story book

emphasise how the illustrated piece reflects what is being said in the written passage also on the page

Capture the look and feel I want to go for

Creative and Technical Approaches Taken

Like anytime I begin to design something I always start with pencil and paper. The end design I chose to use for my prototype is a piece I drew a couple of months ago. I thought it would be perfect to use as a basis for my prototype. I scanned the sketch onto my computer and imported it into Adobe Illustrator. I then like always drew it with the pen tool.

The colours of the characters in the prototype may not be the end result just colours for the purpose of the prototype I always draw everything on separate layers making it easy to change colours or anything I may want to change.


When designing the prototype I tried to take an organised approach. I know that this prototype is going to showcase the final look and feel of my entire story even if it is not an actual piece I will include in my final story.  I really took my time digitising the image. The first draft of the prototype I just put an image I found online as the back ground. This was to give myself an idea of where I was going. I then roughly created my own backdrop.


I am happy enough with the outcome. This prototype gave myself and other an example of the type of look and feel I aim for in my story. I actually really liked how the image of Triton and Ursula looked and I think I will use it in my final storybook. However I may completely re-illustrate it and add a lot more detail.

Approach Taken in Testing Prototype

Like other times I showed the prototype to friends, family and members of my target audience. I explained what part of the story this would be based around. I received reasonably decent feedback.


Purpose of Experiment

I need to determine what style of background I want to include in my storybook. I did not know if I wanted detailed backgrounds or minimal backgrounds. Do I want the characters to be the main focus on each page? Do I think a detailed background will distract from this? I was unsure of what way to gosh I thought it would be a good idea to experiment with possible styles.

Approach Taken

First I researched some images of under the sea to gain some inspiration. I began to rough sketch some ideas to aid in placements of certain things. I know different parts of the story will require different background images. For this experiment I decided to try out so backgrounds that I would use in a scene like my prototype.

Technology Used

After sketching some rough ideas I decided to just hit the ground running and try and digits something and see what the result would be. I again like always used Adobe Illustrator.


I produced two slightly different backgrounds, I tried to keep them simple


I concluded that it is a real challenge for designing backgrounds that are suppose to be under water, It is hard to determine distance and differentiate between certain things as the primary colour you are mostly working with is the colour blue. Some of the Backgrounds I produced I was not happy with at all so I intend to work extremely hard at this part to ensure I am happy with it.

Modern Twist

Purpose of Experiment

I really want to modernise the whole story. I really think it will give the story a new lease of life and make it really unique to me. I have a number of ideas when it comes to how I will achieve this. I think the biggest step in modernising the story is in what way my characters will be dressed.

Approach Taken

First I need to research fashion, clothing and styles from the different decades in which my story is set. We first see Ursula and Triton meet as seven year olds in 1987 so the first step is to see what kind of clothes children were wearing during that time.

Next we see Ursula and Triton as teenagers in the year 1995 Same idea again just research some style and fashion trends amongst teenagers during that time. The remainder of the story is set in and around 2015 therefore characters during this time will be dressed accordingly to this year.

Technology Used

I did some research online to determine some styles during these timeframes. I also did quick sketches as I was going along depending on what I was finding in my research. I drafted up a final look of how Triton may look as a teenager in 1995 scanned it on my computer and drew it up in illustrator.


I had a number of different outcomes due to this experiment. I had a numerous sketches by the end and one finished digitised character. I drew Triton as a teenager in the year 1995. I drew him with short brown hair and an orange tale, to give him a modern twist I added a backwards cap to his head and placed a crab shell under his arm as if it was  a football.


I’m glad I did some research into different styles and fashion trends during different decades in order to really capture the modernisation of the story as best I can. However, Some of the fashion I found was a little out there and most likely will not work. I will try my best to keep the influence from the different time periods throughout the story however I think I will take a little step back and modernise it in my own way.


Purpose of Experiment

When I was fully happy with my hand drawing of Ursula I then thought it was time to scan this image into my computer and draw it in Adobe Illustrator. It was really good to see what she looked like digitised. However, I did not yet know what colour skin, hair or eyes I wanted her to have. I began to play around with different options in Illustrator.

Approach Taken

Once I scanned the picture of my pencil drawing in I began to draw Ursula in Adobe Illustrator mainly working with the pen tool. I drew every single aspect of her head on different layers just to make it easier to go in and change certain things later.

Firstly I made Ursula have tan skin and brown hair, I then made numerous versions of this one drawing but all in different colours.

Technology Used

I mainly just worked on Adobe Illustrator to achieve this. Illustrator is a platform I am extremely comfortable using and I thought it was the best tool to achieve the look of the character.


There are around eight different possible colour palettes for Ursula to choose from. This experiment really allowed me to play around with colour and determine what Ursula may possibly look like in my final story.


I am really happy I experimented with a lot of different colour schemes for this character. I drew everything in Illustrator in a way that makes it really easy for me to change things if I need to. This is something I will do for each and every Character I design.


Purpose of Experiment

Characters are the most important aspect of any story so I want to insure all of mine are unique individuals and develop with my story. Ursula is at the epicentre of my project, therefore I thought it was extremely important to start with her when it came to designing characters. It took numerous steps to get to the final design of this character.

Approach Taken

First and foremost I always like to do some online research and generate ideas from what images I find on the net. From this I begin to do very rough and quick sketches to capture shapes. I find it extremely helpful to draw what I see rather than drawing from my head, that is always the way I have worked.

This method helps me establish a basis for things and then I always go back in and add my own style and make it completely unique to me. When I found a certain look, shape, hairstyle etc.. that I liked I went back in and added more detail to this certain drawing.

Technology Used

So I just used my laptop to look up different images online in order to get some ideas of where to start. As I just completed sketches for this particular part of my project the only tools I needed to use was Pencil and paper. I have to complete any drawing to a near perfectly finished piece before I even consider scanning it onto my computer to then digitise it.   


The outcomes of this particular experiment were extremely important. I determined what my main character would look like, which is one of the most important things to do with my project. I developed my own illustrative style and the way all my characters will now be developed.


By researching different things online it gave me so many more ideas than just trying to draw from my head. Quickly sketching a number of different shapes and styles really warms you up and leads you to creating something you are happy with in the end. From the numerous sketches I completed for Ursula’s character I think I may have also generated some Ideas for what Ariel will look like.

The Story


Purpose of Experiment

I hit a bit of a wall and I did not know exactly what way I wanted to go about telling the story or what exactly the story would be. I had three possible storylines floating around in my head and I could not for the life of me decide which one I wanted to pursue for my project.

The first possible storyline was my original idea, Ursula and Triton meet as children. Grow up to fall in love. Triton breaks Ursula’s heart leading to Ursula wanting revenge on Triton.

The second possible storyline was slightly darker in that Ursula may have been Ariel’s real mother.

The third was that Triton and Ursula are actually siblings, Ursula the older sibling but because Triton is male Ursula was overlooked for the crown leaving her bitter towards Triton and wanted revenge.

Approach Taken

I completed an individual mind map for every individual storyline. I then relayed all 3 possible storylines to a number of people, including friends and family and of course to people that meet the requirements of my target audience.

I found it was extremely helpful to get peoples input on my stories. The most helpful feedback I received however was from members of my target audience, I quickly learned that children can be bluntly honest.

Technology Used

For the mind maps I just used pen, paper and some colours, I found this would be the quickest and most affective way of doing these. As for telling the story I just sat and verbally explained each story.   


The outcomes of this experiment where extremely helpful to me. From the feedback I received I was able to choose my story. My first initial idea of Ursula and Triton falling in love when they where younger won everyone over so this is the storyline I proceeded with.  This also allowed people a glimpse into what my project was going to entail.


If I am completely honest the story of Ursula and Triton falling in love when they were younger is the storyline I always felt myself leaning towards, however, I did not know if this was the right story to proceed with. Doing this experiment was extremely valuable to me and allowed me to see that this is a story not only my target audience would want to read and learn more about but also some friends and family and people that are not in my set age range.

Selection of Key Ideas

Through Idea generation I really came across many key ideas that I will use within my project. From the use of mind maps I realised some character traits for each individual character which aided me later in the rough sketch phase. Mind maps have also been extremely helpful in generating ideas for my final story.

By initially just sketching and sketching until I was happy with my design before importing it onto a computer and digitising it really saved a lot of time as it is more time consuming to draw on the computer compared to paper.