The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride (film) 1998

Although this is not a reworked tale it does still have the same essence of villains turning out to be good. As Simba’s daughter Kiara grows up she meets the son of her father’s enemy, Covo. Covo was trained from birth to hate Simba and his family. He gets sent to befriend Kiara, claim he left his family in order to get into Pride rock, catch Simba off guard and kill him. This is what Covo intends to do, Until Covo and Kiara fall in love and he backs out. This still results in Covo being exiled from Pride Rock after Simba finds out what he has been up to. Even thought Covo came from the villains in the story and was groomed to kill Simba he is still a very much loved character. The audience root for him to make amends with Simba and Kiara.



Hook and Peter (book) 2013

This book follows a story a lot of us know too well, Peter Pan. This depiction of the famous story brings us a reversal of roles between our favourite characters. Long story short, Hook is the hero and Pan is the villain. The story follows Hook as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of the Darling children. Pan is a cunning child abductor who uses his “shadow” to spy on families and gather intelligence. Neverland is a place abducted children can never return from. Peter Pan manipulates the “lost boys” so they stay with him, he strikes fear of what the pirates(police) will do to them if they leave.


I think this story is extremely interesting. The writer completely reversed the roles of the villain and hero from the original story. You automatically hate Pan for what he is. This is not like any of the others I have spoke about as many others stick to the original story but just give you a better understanding as to why the bad guy is bad. In Hook and Peter the story is completely re-written. I think its very clever and don’t see any weaknesses in it.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka (book) 1996

This is a rewrite of the infamous “Three Little Pigs” story we all know so well. The book is written from the big bad wolf’s point of view. At the start the wolf speaks of how he can understand why people give him that title because of previous diet choices he made, which included cute animals such as bunnies. However on the day of the three little pig “murders” he claims he was much more innocent than made out.

At the start the wolf is baking his grandmother a birthday cake and needs to borrow some sugar, he sets out to knock on his neighbours house, which is made of straw. Mr.Wolf is also suffering with a cold. He mocks his neighbour for his poor choice in building materials when it came to his house. He asked for a cup of sugar and was turned away, due to his cold the wolf could not help but sneeze and down came the straw house, he didn’t mean it but he continued to eat the pig anyway.

The wolf still needed sugar so he proceeded to the next house, a little sturdier made from sticks, once again he was refused sugar from the other mean pig and yet again a sneeze came along and down came the second house, and for his rudeness the wolf ate the second pig. When the wolf reached the third house which was made from bricks he was impressed with the third pigs brain power to use such materials as they offer protection, the third pig was rude and refused sugar to the wolf, no sneeze would knock down this house but after the pig mocked the wolf’s grandmother the wolf proceeded to shout at him and try get in, the police came and locked the wolf up. The wolf claims they changed the story to make it more interesting as it didn’t seem good enough to tell a tale about an old wolf with a cold just looking for some sugar.


There are some strengths in this book in regarding how it relates to my project. It is a classic tale told from the villains point of view, it does not make the villain the hero but it does elaborate on why the villain is the villain.

When it comes to weaknesses In my opinion I see quite a few, However I will give it the benefit of the doubt as it is a children’s book, it is quite silly over all and not too serious. The main weaknesses it does not get across the same idea I would like to achieve in my project, like I said I would like to make the audience kind of root for my villain and understand why she is the way she is. In this story the wolf uses little reason as to why he eats the pigs which I think is inexcusable.

Maleficent (film) 2014

Maleficent is the retelling of the classic tale “Sleeping Beauty’. At the start we see Maleficent as a child, a fairy. Living in peace and harmony on the other side of the forest away from Humans. Maleficent then befriends a human boy and they fall in love. The Human then betrays her for the king and cuts off her wings, In turn Maleficent becomes a bitter woman and gets revenge on the man who betrayed hers daughter. Maleficent casts a spell that brings us to the story that we all know as “Sleeping Beauty”.

We see how Maleficent watches over the young princess as she grows up and in turn takes a very unexpected liking to her. Maleficent regrets casting the spell and tries to break it but she cant, it is too strong. At the end when Maleficent is being attacked by the kings guards you cant help but want her to live, in fact you cant help but like her throughout the whole movie and root for her in the end, this is the same effect I hope to achieve in my project.


When it comes to strengths, the story succeeds in explaining to the audience how Maleficent became the evil villain that she is. The audience sympathizes with her because of what she went through, In the end not really anyone is the villain it seems the king and Maleficent are just as bad as each other, However you could argue Maleficent shows remorse for the curse she bestowed upon princess Aurora and the king does not show any remorse for what he did to Maleficent. My main goal is to get the audience to root for the villain( Ursula the Sea Witch) I feel this film gave me some ideas on how to do so and for that I am really glad I watched it.

I could not find many weaknesses with the film. The only and most obvious one being that it is a film and my project is a graphic novel. Films can have greater impacts on you as they are so in your face, this drives me to work even harder to get a similar affect through my image based project.

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (novel) 1995


Written by Gregory Maguire this book is an adaption of the 1900 novel “Oz” written by L.Frank Baum. Wicked is based on the years approaching Dorothy’s arrival from the original story of Oz. The story follows Elphaba, The misunderstood green skinned witch that grows up to become the infamous “Wicked Witch of the West”. Elphaba, who in this depiction of a classic story was born a child of rape, after her mother Malena had been fed a green potion. She was born with sharp teeth and always feared water as it hurt her skin.

Elphaba later attends a college named “Shiz University”  a couple years later her sister Nessa joins her there. Nessa was always the favourite child receiving gifts like “Ruby Slippers”. While at Shiz, Elphaba befriends a witch named Glinda, after another friend was murdered, Elphaba and the others are recruited to become the wizard’s spys. The decide to go to the Emerald city and plead with the wizard to stop his crimes against animals, When he refuses to do so, Elphaba stays in the Emerald city and joins the underground rebellion.

Elphaba joins a convent, after she leaves she begins to practice magic. Her sister, Nessa, the ruler of Munchkinland and a witch in her own right gets murdered when Dorothy’s house lands on her. Elphaba bumps into Glinda at the funeral to find she gave Dorothy Nessa’s ruby Slippers.

Elphaba speaks to the wizard and all signs point to him possibly being her biological father. The Wizard sends Dorothy and her friends to kill Elphaba, Dorothy accidentally pours water on her, She dies and is forever known as The Wicked Witch of the West.

I see many strengths, I like how so many classic stories are being reworked or told from somebody else’s perspective. This gives us a chance to see how the villain became the villain. I’m not disregarding their villainous behavior, but it does however allow the audience/ reader etc.. see that some villains are not born villains, it is what happens in their life that sends them down that path.

In regards to weaknesses, I cant pick many in my opinion, It completely alludes what I want to represent in my project. In my work I am not trying to make excuses for Ursula’s behaviour I just want to show my audience a different side of the story and though there may be no need for villainous behaviour, I want them to learn that not everyone is born bad but the course of their life depends on what they went through and in my Depiction of The Little Mermaid, in Ursulas case this is betrayal and heartbreak.

Editorial Illustrations (Berto Martinez)

I really like this style of drawing. It is quite different to what I have done before and I would love the opportunity to include it in my project in order to leave my comfort zone. Berto Martinez offers less “out there” drawings in some case as opposed to other artists who create images in this style. I have liked this style for so long but was worried I could not use it in my project as a lot of the drawings I discovered where very abstract, they would be hard to tell a story with, as the picture is all the audience has to go on to know whats going on. However Martinez offers some pieces inspired by this style but much more straight forward and this gives me many ideas for my own project. I think a printed novel with this look would be quite beautiful.


I see a number of strengths. This would make my project even more unique. I would give me a chance to to experiment more and push my boundaries. When it comes to weaknesses, there is just a chance that the story would be hard to follow if the drawings are too abstract.