FYP Show Display

For my display at the show I really wanted to bring my book to life. I have a poster that is basically the front cover of the book. I have a bag of sand and some toys you would find at the beach I also took on the challenge of turning an umbrella into a Jellyfish. Below I have placed some images of my props. I will insert a final image once I have set up my display at the actual show.




Audio Book CD

I burned the finished audio track to a CD. It was a long enough track at around 12 minutes long. I had CD stickers made to make the disks look more desirable. The stick is a black to blue gradient and says “Listen to me” on it. I carefully placed a plastic envelope on the last page of the book to hold the CD neatly


Audio Book

I felt an audio book may be a nice added component. I initially considered an ebook, however I thought an audio book was different and children could listen to it as they read.

I tested out different voices and decided on what I thought sounded best. Recorded the book. I edited all the audio using reaper and I found appropriate background sounds online.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.43.04.png

Sending the book to Print

When sending the book for print it was extremely daunting. I had never really dealt with a professional printers before so I was a little worried. The guys at Digital Printing Ireland really put me at ease and were extremely helpful.

I received my book and i was delighted with the out come. Below i have some photos of the printed product. It was extremely satisfying holding my book in my hand. It was a nice change from viewing it on a computer screen.