Digitising Another Spread

I decided to keep working away at the spreads. A scene I was keen to get going on was the scene in which the Mer Princess saves the Surfer(Zach) from a shark attack. At first I had difficulty sketching the body shapes of the two in the water. I used human models to act out the scene in order to capture the shapes of their body’s as best as I could. This technique proved extremely helpful in the end.


I then completed the storyboard of this spread in order to digitise it. In my storyboard the Shark looks a lot scarier than in the actual digitised version, I want to fix this as I feel he looks a little happy in the illustrated spread.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.56.32 p.m..png

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.26.23 p.m..png



Just quickly wanted to show the different tops I sketched up for my main character I wanted her clothes to be extremely basic, modern and something that was timeless. Again modern like the hairstyle but not so on trent to todays styles. As you can see very basic items of clothing and I think I would just like to go with something like the T-Shirt.



I just wanted to right down my objectives one more time for myself and have a clear idea what I am aiming towards

I want to make the audience root for a character once hated.

I aim to create a very well put together and illustrated piece.

I want to move away from the stereotypical “female v female” in these classic stories and promote females supporting one another.

After research on my target audience I aim to adhere to there needs as much as possible.

Successfully Bring my version of the story into the 21st century.

The Story Struggle

After the meeting on Wednesday, I feel a bit more at ease. I was worried about my storyline. I want it to be unique. After deciding against what I thought was a unique story, where Ursula and Triton are siblings, I was assured that I can still take this approach. I am still going between this concept and my original idea so for now I’m not 100% there with the story, my goal this week is to have the story Treatment and start writing scene by scene descriptions.


  1. A  documentary on teenagers in Ireland.
  2. Role models in the creative industry.
  3. An interactive children’s game.
  4. A piece on Feminism In the creative industry.
  5. A photo essay on animals.
  6. A non linear film.
  7. A website for body image.
  8. Create a brand identity for a new company.
  9. A documentary on homelessness in Ireland.
  10. A documentary on immigrants in Ireland
  11. An interactive short film about a young boy who finds himself trapped in a game.
  12. Create an online presence for an existing company.
  13. Create a fashion app.
  14. Create a fitness app.
  15. A short animation on the importance of eating healthy.
  16. Create an interactive colouring book for kids.
  17. Revamp an existing brand as a fictional project to show off skill set.
  18. Avant garde style film on the meaning of life.
  19. A makeup app.
  20. A child friendly app.

Number 3. I would like to create an interactive children’s game. I thought it would be a good idea for the user to learn as they play the game. The game may be based on geography, the user must fly all over the world completing tasks to obtain new information about that country.

Number 11. A short film about a television obsessed boy that soon finds himself in the midst of his favourite shows.

Number 8. Creating a complete brand identity for a new company or fictional company could give a lot of experience in this field and what exactly it entails.

Areas of Work

The digital media industry is so broad. There are so many different job opportunities. I would say that I primarily want to work with design, but nowadays your best off having a wide range of skills to make yourself more employable, for example if you can design a beautiful website on photoshop and then code it yourself you will be much more desirable to employers than someone who just designs the site but has no clue about code. This is why I really want to improve in may different areas. There are so many possible jobs out there that you would not even think of. You could work as a graphic designer in an accountancy firm and design their corporate leaflets, flyers etc., places like this that you wouldn’t necessarily think of right off the bat. I don’t see myself designing corporate flyers however, I was just using that as an example.

I would love to work as an illustrator or as a designer for big events/brands. I also have a keen interest in brand identities. Taking a company and designing its whole image, colour scheme and logo, I was even considering a project like this for my Final Year Project. The list goes on and on for job opportunities. I am hoping  on the completion of my Project I will have a better idea of where I may possibly see myself working in the future. This would give me something to work towards.

Strengths and weaknesses

I believe I have a number of strengths as a digital media student. I have a keen interest in both design and computer based work. Although this is not only what the course entails, I feel it is a good starting point. My favourite modules within the course are always the art based ones, I do not really enjoy web coding, although I do like the design process of a site whether it be in photoshop etc.. I have somewhat of an interest in video. I thoroughly enjoy editing I feel I have a good eye for this. Overall my interests definitely lie within design classes. Adobe Illustrator is my favourite software to use. I know my way around the workspace quite well and always really enjoy completing work using it.

In the course overall I wouldn’t be too confident with a few things. I wish to improve my coding skills. I can code a basic site using HTML and CSS, however, I would love to understand other languages such as JS and C# in order to produce more user friendly interactive pieces of work. When it comes to video I would really like to improve my script writing and overall execution of a story. Although Illustrating and design is my favourite aspect of the course I still have tremendous room to grow in this field, I feel I need to practice more on all different softwares to get an even better knowledge of the workspaces so I can use them to my full advantage.

Through this project I really want to address a number of weaknesses. First are some not directly tied to the course. I would like to get more organised and keep on top of my work, something I have struggled with previously. I really want to push myself to produce something I could use as a portfolio piece. I am hoping to do a design based project but maybe I could address some weaknesses of mine within web. I can build a site to go along with my project and include some JS or C# to help me get a better understanding of these.

I feel my skills are leading towards an area I would like to work in. Im not 100% sure what exactly I would like to do in the future but I know it will definitely be to do with design. Not only am I most skilful within design software this is where I most enjoy myself.