Child King(Finalised)

Designing the king as a child was quite fun. After I was happy with sketches I had completed I made a digital version of the character, added the appropriate colour palettes and the rough pastel effect. I again lined the characters up side by side to showcase the King as a child, teen and adult.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.28.15 a.m..png


Child King(tail)

The tail of the King as a child will be similar to the rest of the mer creatures tails. It will be shorter and wider to achieve a more child like look. Below I have placed the three separate sketches of the kings tails side by side to showcase the difference from child to adult.

Child King

Finally I began to think about what the King would look like as a child. I again researched some images of cartoon characters that where children to gain inspiration. Based on the child version of the villain character I knew the king would have a larger head and bigger eyes. I want him to be similar to the child villain, yet different as they are different species. Below I have some sketches that I completed when I fist started to design the child King.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.14.17 a.m..png


Teen King

Now that the adult version of King Aquarius has been completed , it is time to backtrack and design him as a teenager. I had already developed a teenage version of this character in the first phase of the project. I really like the outcome so I just adapted that original design to suit my new illustration style and to mach the rest of the characters. As facial features, style and mermaid tails have been decided on this was quite a quick process.

On the left side above you can see the original drawing of the King as a teenager. I did a reinterpretation of this and ended up with the image you see on the right hand side. The character has a hat on and he is carrying a shell as if it was a ball to add to the modern feeling of the story.

King(Colour Experiment)

Once I digitised King Aquarius I began to play around with different colour palettes. I always do this to see what colours work best. I kept him within a lighter range of skin tones as Princess Cecelia’s colour palettes has been decided and she is quite pale. I chose a few different colour options for his tail. I feel like the blue tail would not work as most of the backgrounds will be blue,therefore he might get a little lost.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.56.07 p.m..png


King(final sketch)

From designing Princess Cecelia, I have already determined how the Mermaids tails will look. I just wanted to make the King’s a little thicker as he was male.  I completed a pretty much finished sketch of the King as a whole. Now I hope to start digitising him soon. Once I have digitised him that will be his adult version complete, I will then begin to back track and design him as an adolescent and a child.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.42.44 p.m..png



I started sketching some body shapes. What sort of physique did I want my King character to have? From research people of power within stories are mostly physically fit. I tried out a couple of different ideas and chose what I thought looked best. I plan to do some user testing once all of my characters are pretty much finalised to gain some feed back. I can make any changes after I complete this. For now I chose to give King Aquarius a strong physical appearance.