Interactive Colouring Book Lite (App)

After pitching my idea of an interactive colouring book as my final year project I began to look more into these kind of projects. The first I cam across was the Interactive Colouring Book Lite. This was an app based project. I found it on the iOS app store. The app offers colouring pages for children. Kids can pick what they want to colour from popular categories such as Dinosaurs, Princesses, Fish and Sports cars. The idea is for them to pick their favourite scene, paint it, hit play and watch the scene come alive. e.g: the dinosaur roars or the princess dances.



I am glad I took a look at this app. It lets me know that there are many different apps out there similar to what I want to create. It allows me to see how I can make mine different and/or better or more user friendly for kids. However after last weeks meeting I am not tied to this idea I am completely open to changing it depending on what inspires me in this research phase, as my pitch was originally an interactive colouring book I thought this would be a good place to start my research.


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