User Testing

Now that I had all of my characters pretty much designed, I decided to do some user testing to gain some feedback on what I have so far and to see if any changes could and should be made. I have a niece within my target audiences age group, I would have liked to maybe do a little workshop with her class in school. With it being the Easter holidays that just was not possible.

My sister approached some of my nieces friends parents and invited them to attend a session in which I told the story and showed the children the characters. This was a great opportunity for me to see how children in my target audience engaged with the story and the visuals.

I got a lot of feedback, first and foremost the children really liked the story. A few comments where made that I fully took into consideration and have applied them to my project. First the children where not big fans of the Villains name, Veronica. After me asking for options on what to call her the children came to a decision of Sirena. Which I thought worked quite well.

Most of the comments made where regarding names, as I had not yet decided on names for the sea horse I decided to ask the children what they wanted him to be called. One of them said Frank, I thought this name was really unexpected and could work well. The children also named the two minion characters Fang and bate.

Completing something like this proved to be extremely useful and there is a lot to take into consideration now as I go onto design the actual book.