Graphic Novel

The idea of spending the entire year working on creating really well done and beautiful images really excites me. Drawing is my favourite thing to do so thats why I think I want to portray my reworked story as a graphic novel. At this stage I am still open to change but as of now I am exploring this area a little more to see what I could be in for. In terms of the novel being purely graphic based I understand it will be difficult to portray a story without any words so thats why the images would have to be carefully thought out. This makes me reconsider the editorial style I was thinking of going for as it is a style that isn’t that easy to make sense of.


Editorial Style

Now that I have a few story ideas in the pipe line I wanted to take a look more in depth of the style of drawings I would like to produce. I want to challenge myself in this aspect and do a style that I have not done a lot of before, there is a style in particular I find myself leaning towards so I wanted to talk about that.


Editorial illustrations are very beautiful and very different, This style I find in most cases does not make sense. I love how creative you can be with these kind of drawings. There are endless possibilities and drawing things in this way can give a scene or a story a whole new depth.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 22.12.39

The Little Mermaid (reworked)

This is a story that I think I lean towards more than others at times. I feel there is so many things you can do with it. I think this would be a platform where You can be extra creative with the fact most of the story is set un the sea.


Some quick ideas I had to rework the story and sticking with what I mentioned earlier, tell the story from the villains perspective. King Triton and Ariel could be devious characters and Ursula be a victim. Ursula could have once been queen of the sea until Triton overthrew her in his evil plans to become ruler.

Little Red Riding Hood

Heres another story I saw as a strong contender in being reworked into something completely different. Little Red and the village she calls home could be a gang of evil hunters and the story could be the struggle of the wolf population.

It’s again quite a rough idea and could be feathered out into something completely different. I’m enjoying coming up with some quick scenarios to change up classic stories, It’s really getting me thinking how I can make my project completely unique to me.

Cinderella (reworked)

Take Cinderella for example, I spoke about this tale in some earlier posts. We all know the basic jist of the story so i’ll skip over that. I think there are many opportunities within this story to twist it in a way that still works. Taking a well loved character such as Cinderella and turning her into a devious villain could make for a really good story.

At this moment I have some rough ideas I could work on and really get into regarding this tale. I was thinking of making Cinderella a rebellious step daughter who goes of the wagon after her father passed away. The step mother struggles to have a relationship with her and Cinderella treats her step sisters horribly. As Cinderella is a compulsive liar she makes out to the fairy god mother that she is hard done by by her step family and thats how she makes it to the ball.

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If I was to choose to use this story for my project I would definitely explore more options in how to tweak the story and make it more unique, Above I just discussed some very rough ideas that make the story of Cinderella a possibility for my project.

Making a Classic Story Different & Unique

As of now my main focus is deciding what story I want to portray in my Project. This is a harder decision to make than I thought. I am still unsure what classic fairytale I want to spend the next six months or so working on. I do however have some ideas of how I want to make the story different and unique. I am definitely considering telling one of these classic stories from the villains point of view. Maybe make the villain of the story the one thats been hard done by. I know this is not a new concept as it has been done before but I definitely think there is a window of opportunity to do something different and have a lot of fun while doing it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

I attended the opening night performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime in the Board Gais theatre in Grand Canal Dock on Tuesday the 7th of October. First of all the show was amazing. A story of a boy who tries to find out who killed his neighbours dog, by investigating this incident things about his own family secrets begin to unfold.


The reason I chose to discuss this was because of the graphic work onstage, The use of light studded screens in telling the story. It was extremely clever. There were no painted sets, just light studded walls everywhere that were manipulated amazingly to represent neighbourhoods, trains and outer space. This was a different type of story telling one I have not seen before and It got me thinking about how I could make my project different and unique.