Teen Villain (Finished)

Then the full version of the teen villain was digitised, She is again extremely similar to her adult counter part as it would be a good thing to have continuity though out the story as she appears in the book as an adult, teen and child. It would seem logical to to keep her in the same colour palette throughout to make it even clearer who she is.

Above we see the front and back angle of the teen villain character. The adult version of her is then placed along side her along with the colour palette to show case the continuous use of these colours.

Teen Villain(face digitised)

Once I was happy with my sketch I then imported it into Adobe Illustrator and began to use the pen tool to draw my character. Once she was all outlined I simply had to import the colours from the adult version of her as she would have the same colour palette as teen, this cut the digitisation process in half as there was no need to experiment with colours.

Once again I have placed my two versions of my villain side by side to show case similarities between them. The teen version is happier and looks more youthful. The adult version has a more stern look and an added collar which is a generic villainous trait. As an adult she still looks quite youthful, she is only in her thirties at this stage, I did not want to make her look too old. I also wanted her to look like a normal person in the face. I did not want her to look too cynical, evil or witch like as that was not what I was going for.

Teen Villain(Face)

As an adolescent my villains face will mirror her face as an adult with some simple changes. Her hairstyle to a high pony tail to give her a more youthful look and initially a happier expression as at this stage she is not yet revengeful.

Below I have placed the sketch of my teen villains face beside the original sketch of her face as an adult just to showcase the difference. Her features remain the same as you can see the main things that I have adjusted is her hair and her expression. The difference will be seen even more once my teen is digitised.


Teen Villain (Body)

I wanted to take her adult body and just slightly change some attributes in order for her to seem a little more teen like. I thought a good way to do this was to changer her top a small bit. I decided to make it a little shorter to show off her torso and make it seem a lot younger. This style of garment is something that is very popular amongst teens today and seeing as I want my story to be a modernised version of The Little Mermaid I thought this would work really well

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.13.44 p.m..png


Teen Villain

Once I had My main character pretty much finalised I decided it was time to begin working backwards in order to design her as a teen version of herself. I thought this would be the best way to go about this as she is an adult for the majority of the book so I wanted her teen self to be heavily based on what she looks like as an adult with some changes of course.

I already knew what her face would look like, I began to think of what changes I could make on her to transform her into a teenager. I decided the best thing to do was to slighly change her outfit and give her a different hairstyle.

Designing this version of her will not take half as long as it did to design my villain in the first place as now I have fully established a style and a look that I am going for.

To begin I started sketching some hairstyle, I knew I definitely wanted her to have her hair in a pony tail as a teen as I think this is a suitable hairstyle for that age group and I wanted to keep everything nice and simple as before.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.06.57 p.m..png


Main Character Finalised!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.26.56 a.m..png

Once I was finished all my experiments I decided to again draw her in all different angles to get a sense of what she will look like from the side and back, this will aid me in illustrating the actual book later on.

It was a long process from start to finish designing this particular character. Being the first one to be designed it would be as I had to decide on style, features and effects. The rest of the characters should not take as long as they will follow characteristics of this one.