Design this Home (App)

Yet again I came across an app to do with design. I felt it was good to research and play around with different types of design apps while I was in the app store. All apps I am discussing are similar in the design aspect but yet so different.

This app I am about to discuss is called Design this Home, It is almost a game. The app is extremely popular, with over 7,000,000 players worldwide. The purpose is to allow the player to design their dream home. You can arrange furniture, paint the walls, choose flooring etc.. The game is expertly crafted with high quality retina and animations. You can add you friends and share your creations on social media such as facebook and twitter.


12083892_872847369436312_1176079773_n   12071549_872847379436311_911516662_n

I like the idea of this app, designing lots of different things and giving the player the power to put everything together and each design being unique to that person. I like the drawing style of this app, thats is something I am mainly looking at as I really want to leave my comfort zone and try numerous styles of design before i come to my final product.


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