I decided to give the face a test run on illustrator. I was really excited to bring it to life on my computer I really enjoy working on illustrator and I was happy with the first draft. I do plan to do her in more colour schemes to see what I like best but for now I just gave her tan skin and brown hair.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.33.21 a.m..png

Choosing a Face

I went back over one of my original sketches and put a lot more detail in. I was really happy with the result and feel like I really want to go a head and use this as my Ursula Character. She has long hair and big eyes. I want to make ursula beautiful I feel like a lot of villains are depicted as ugly old hags and it kind of gives the wrong message in my opinion.



I then began to play around with what Ursula’s body will look like. There is a couple of different styles I like. There is not an awful lot to do She is an octopus so The only part I can make funky and unique is her top part So wanted to do up a few different ideas. 12348769_918253631562352_1433253777_n.jpg

Sketching Ursula

Continuing from the last couple of weeks I have constantly been sketching up rough ideas for ursula. I have decided she will 100% be an octopus as she is in the original story so I think it is crucial that she is an octopus in my story. First I started with faces, What exactly is she going to look like? What colour hair? What colour skin? Theres so many different ways I can go about designing her and it really excites me. Firstly I just have a number of sketches I am not yet at the stage of knowing what exactly she will look like.

12358152_918253618229020_838366838_n.jpg        12351208_918253638229018_1803619103_n.jpg

Getting back to it

After a long hard think I decided, you know what I really want to just continue with the original idea of Triton and Ursula falling in love when they where young. I definitely could have done without this hiccup in my project it really set me back I was feeling so uninspired with the project but I feel I am getting back on track and going to stick with it now. Now that I have definitely decided on a storyline I am beginning to develop characters and really delving into my project more and more.

The Story Struggle Continues

Once I decided on what exactly my final story was going to be, I started writing it down, this is a rough first draft, I feel it needs to be finished ASAP! I’ll admit I had a momentary mind blank and I no longer knew what I wanted my story to be. Getting the basic outline is crucial so I can start planning scene by scene what’s happening in order to get my storyboards on the road.