Cinderella (reworked)

Take Cinderella for example, I spoke about this tale in some earlier posts. We all know the basic jist of the story so i’ll skip over that. I think there are many opportunities within this story to twist it in a way that still works. Taking a well loved character such as Cinderella and turning her into a devious villain could make for a really good story.

At this moment I have some rough ideas I could work on and really get into regarding this tale. I was thinking of making Cinderella a rebellious step daughter who goes of the wagon after her father passed away. The step mother struggles to have a relationship with her and Cinderella treats her step sisters horribly. As Cinderella is a compulsive liar she makes out to the fairy god mother that she is hard done by by her step family and thats how she makes it to the ball.

9a5cc876f46f863741fc6670a788f432 hipster_cinderella_pin_up_by_cherriene-d55edjm

If I was to choose to use this story for my project I would definitely explore more options in how to tweak the story and make it more unique, Above I just discussed some very rough ideas that make the story of Cinderella a possibility for my project.


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