Rewriting the Story to rhyme


The Little Villain


Kelly Richards

Years ago, in a place

far from the land, lived a

little Jellyfish, named Sirena

digging in the sand.

Searching for sea shells,

she looked with joy.

When a noise suddenly startled her,

it was the voice of a young mer boy.

He reached out his hand

and said his name with a smile.

Sirena had never seen a mer creature before,

so she just stared for awhile.

My name is Aquarius,

the boy said without fret.

Which reminded Sirena of something,

she once read on the fishnet.

Sirena thought long and hard,

she searched her brain,

for she knew the mer Prince

had the same name.

Could it be? she thought,

could he be the Prince?

or was this all just

one big coincidence.

Are you the Prince?

she blurted right in his face,

speaking so quickly,

as if it was a race.

What? Aquarius stuttered

no, no not I.

No Prince here,

just a simple mer boy.

The two laughed and played

for the whole afternoon,

searching for shells

in the local Lagoon.

‘Hey, I heard you Jelly folk

can do magical spells”

Yes answered Sirena

and she began to tell.

Then suddenly a light,

caught both their eyes,

blindingly shining

as if it fell from the sky.

They both looked and wondered,

what could it be.

They frantically swam towards it

so that they could see.

A rare golden clam shell,

never seen before,

right before their eyes

embedded in the sea floor.

Aquarius had to leave

to Sirenas dismay,

but would return in a months time

to her part of the bay.

Many years had passed,

now the two both older.

The shell of no interest to Aquarius,

but to see Sirena and hold her.

Not to Sirena’s knowledge,

Aquarius had something to hide.

Something that made him feel

sadness deep inside.

He was in fact the prince,

he lied all them years ago,

for the fear of been treated differently,

he wanted no one to know.

He did not know how to tell her,

for she was the love of his life,

but in a few short months,

he would have a new wife.

A tradition of the mer folk,

their marriage arranged from young.

A choice thats already been made

and can’t be over run.

Sirena yelled in shock,

“how could you lie to me?”

but it was not Aquarius’ fault

it was his only time to be free.

Aquarius tried to explain

his father, too could not choose his mother,

but Sirena did not want to listen

and that was the last they saw of each other.

Years later, Aquarius now with a daughter.

This made Sirena upset,

for leaving her all them years ago,

revenge she vowed to get.

Meet Princess Cecelia,

who loved to explore.

Much like her father,

she wanted more.

Away from the treasures

of the enchanting sea,

she wondered how living

in a place beyond would be.

It was far beyond the kingdom,

a place she truly loved,

she knew it was forbidden,

but still visited the world above.

Cecelia was fascinated by

the driest of sands,

she imagined being human

and walking on the land.

In the months she had been visiting,

she always kept her distance.

As humans were unaware,

of the mer people’s existence.

After a days visit,

she took one last look,

suddenly in the distance

her attention was took.

Cecelia knew she shouldn’t stay,

for she had to go back,

but this was the first time

she ever laid eyes on Zach.

Cecelia came close

and gazed up to see,

she whispered to Frank,

“how beautiful is he?”

The Princess unaware

of what creeped in the dark,

was a ferocious, hungry

and giant scary Shark.

Zach hit the water so hard,

he was knocked out cold.

Cecelia without thinking,

grabbed ahold.

“No” she yelled

at the ferocious beast.

Who abruptly put a stop

to his human feast.

He knew he must listen

to the Princess of the sea,

for her father, the King

could truly punish he.

He scurried back to the

deep and the dark,

where he thought that’s not

the last you will see of this shark!

Back in her cave,

Sirena gazed her crystal ball,

for everything happening

she could see it all.

Sirena laughed

“she is in love with a creature with legs.”

That is what she shall have

if she begs.

“Ill do it myself,

Ill cast the spell

and get my revenge

on Aquarius as well.

Ill have to find a way

to lure her to me,

in a nice quiet place

where no one will see.”

Cecelia came home to see her father,

waiting sternly in the royal hall.

“What the heck were you thinking?

you could have exposed us all.”

The Princess questioned how he knew,

what she had done today.

When she noticed the shark,

swimming spitefully away.

“Father, I’m sorry

you don’t understand!

You have never been

up to the magical land.”

Aquarius, angry at what

happened today,

raised his voice

and proceeded to say…

“Here in the walls of this castle

you must be.

Frank will watch you

and report back to me”.

Cecelia knew it was wrong to leave,

but she needed to clear her head,

she didn’t go to the surface,

only further out to sea instead.

Frank pleaded with Cecelia

“your father will get mad and yell”

but something caught her attention

it was the rare clam shell.

Unbeknown to Cecelia

Sirena watched from afar,

she then whispered to herself

“oh hello child, there you are”

Ironic they meet here,

a place where love once sprung,

between Sirena and Cecelia’s father,

when they both were young.

“What has you out here, said Sirena

where no one else can see?

If you dream to be a place beyond

just express your wish to me.”

“Well, Cecelia said,

there is one place I wish to go,

but my father would never let me,

unless he didn’t know?”

“I can make that happen” said Sirena.

but you will have to follow me.

Back to my cave we go

and your dreams will be reality.

Cecelia too excited

she did not even think.

Frank tried to stop her,

but she was gone in a blink.

Arriving at the cave,

it was not very bright

and every little noise,,

gave Cecelia a fright.

“Come right in here, said Sirena

and make your dreams come true.

Your father wont find out,

I know what I would do.”

Once inside the cave

Sirena cast her spell,

suddenly out swam Frank

and he went home to tell.

Blinded by the magic lights,

Cecelia began to change.

Two legs where a tail once was,

this feeling, very strange.

Now above the surface,

Cecelia could finally see,

her new human self.

what she always wanted to be.

With her new legs,

she no longer had to swim.

Wondering where Zach could be,

she set off to find him.

Cecelia began to walk,

upon the dry land,

she could not keep her balance

and fell right in the sand.

Having legs a new feeling

she did not really know,

took a deep breath

and gave it another go.

Meanwhile back at home

Frank saw the King,

frantically swam towards him

and told him everything.

Aquarius closely listened,

he was shocked at what he heard,

not only angry he was

also very scared.

“Who did this, he asked,

this is the work of a spell,

only Jellyfish possess this power

and one I used to know well. ”

He knew it had to be Sirena

the King flustered about.

“We’ll have to go find her

and i’ll sort this out”

Towards Sirena’s cave

the King began to swim,

thats where she was

waiting, patiently for him.

“What have you done, he said,

you should have came after me,

Cecelia did nothing,

you should have left her be.”

Sirena spoke up,

she began to explain

when she was Cecelia’s age

her heart also went through pain.

I too like your daughter,

loved someone different to me,

but I never got the chance,

to be with he.

As for Cecelia,

I made her wish come true,

she will get to be with Zach

not like me and you.

Aquarius could see,

by what Sirena had planned,

that she meant well

but she still did not understand.

“I tried to explain years ago, he said,

but you just swam away,

you did not want to hear it

but now I shall have my say.

I did not have a choice,

I could not marry you,

it would never have been allowed,

not even if I wanted to.

You were my first love,

a time I will never forget

and the fact we couldn’t remain friends

is something I’ll always regret.”

After listening to Aquarius,

Sirena began to agree,

he never meant to hurt her,

but back then she couldn’t see.

“I need Cecelia back,” said the King,

she’s too young to be up there alone.

Please take me to find her,

so I can bring her home.”

“Of course Ill help you find her, said Sirena

for she belongs with you,

I’m glad that you came here

and that we talked it through”

Walking along the beach,

Cecelia looked for quite awhile.

When there she saw he sat

and she could not help but smile.

Before she could say hello,

she suddenly heard a noise

her father with Sirena

to her total surprise.

Cecelia leaned over,

she gasped her breath

and wondered how her

father and Sirena had ever met.

King Aquarius

pleaded with his daughter.

“Cecelia we miss you,

please get back in the water.”

“I don’t want to, said Cecelia

I like it up here,

walking the land

and breathing the air.”

“Please said the King

we really want you back,

we will visit the surface again

and you will be able to see Zach.”

Cecelia began to realise a human,

was not what she was meant to be,

she stood up on the cliff

and jumped back into the sea.

As you figured,

they all lived happily,

for Cecelia learned the most

important thing was Family.

As for Sirena and Aquarius,

their feud came to an end.

As time progressed

they became good friends.


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