Water Colour Backgrounds

After scanning the internet for possible tutorials that would allow me to digitally create a water colour effect on my backgrounds, I found one on Youtube that was not too difficult to follow and decided to give it a go. The tutorial was done using Adobe Illustrator, this was extremely convenient for me as I am using this software to design every aspect of the book before bringing it into InDesign.

I found an image of a pice of water colour paint applied to a white sheet of paper, I then brought the image into Illustrator, Rasterized it,made it grey scale, clicked an option to ignore the white paper and hit expand to make to shape of the water colour a vector. I then dragged the new vector into my symbols panel, clicked on it, chose the spray tool and proceeded to spray this effect onto my backgrounds.



Here I have, again different gradients and two different water colour symbol options I personally preferred the second on and will implement it while i design the final book to see how it looks.



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