When it came to designing  the backgrounds, I knew in my head exactly what I wanted them to look like. First and foremost I wanted to keep them quite simplistic using gradients to depth and different shades of blues as the story is for the most part under water. Like in  a lot of children’s book the paper almost looks like water paper and I love this effect so I knew that is what I wanted within my own book.



Here I have some examples of what I mean, I really like the look of the water colour it gives the image a nice wash of colour with added detail. I, at first did not know how I would achieve this unless I hand painted backgrounds with water colour, scanned the image into photoshop and cleverly manipulated the image until I was happy with the outcome.

I decided to try some illustrator effects first as I they would not take too long and I may have liked the outcome, Below I have two images both gradients going from dark blue to a lighter blue to represent depth at the bottom of the sea. In the image on the right I placed an Adobe Illustrator effect called water paper to see if this would achieve the water colour effect I was going for. In the end these effects did not achieve the outcome I would have liked so I must now look at alternative options.



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