Starting on the Princess Character

The villain character is the main character, as I designed her first she took the longest as I needed to basically establish a style. Through designing the villain I now know what style my characters will be, what facial features they will have and what Adobe effect I will put on them once they are digitised to give them a sketchy unfinished look.

By already completing these experiments in the design process of the villain character I will not have to do these for the princess character or the rest of the characters for that matter. This will slightly decrease the amount of time spent experimenting with each different character giving me a little more time to concentrate on their colour palettes.

I decided to start designing the Princess character next, her name will be Cecelia, Cece for short. At first I was a little skeptical whether or not to call her this name as I thought it may be a little hard for children to pronounce, however, by talking to some professionals,  I was reassured that this word could be achievable by most children within my target audience age group.


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