Child Villain

Once the main character was established as an adult and a teenager it was time to design her in the last stage she appears in the book. Well, she appears as a child first but the character has been designed backwards as it seemed the most logical way to do so.

Again the child version of the villain character would tremendously resemble herself as a teen and an adult, making the design process a little shorter than normal. Research was completed when it came to designing a child character and it was discovered that a younger character usually has larger eyes and a larger head. This was taken fully into consideration as it would definitely add to the child like effect.

The character would again have a different hair style as a child compared to when she is a teen or an adult. Hair styles seemed like a good place to start. On initial thought two pig tails would seem a great fit for a childish character as this is a hairstyle best known and most popular amongst children. Sketches where then completed to see what would work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.42.24 p.m..png




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