Hairstyles(Villain Character)

Since I had decided on the facial features my characters would have I really wanted to get started on the actual individual look of each character. I decided to start with my villain character as she is also the main character, her name will be Veronica, V for short, I chose this name as I thought it was quite a strong name that would suit her very well. Choosing names is quite a long process that involves a lot of brain storming and research to ensure names I am picking are achievable to be read by members of my target audience.

I thought it would be best to just start with hair styles. I looked up some hair styles online as I like to gain as much inspiration as possible before I begin to sketch anything. I knew I definitely wanted a contemporary hairstyle as my story is a modern version, but at the same time a timeless hairstyle nothing too on trend as of right now.
















Here are some of the hairstyles I quickly sketched up. I am really enjoying doodling with pen, which is new for me I never really felt comfortable drawing with pen but now I feel you always end up with a really decent sketch. I definitely was leaning more towards a short hairstyle for my character and in particular the bottom middle one. So I decided to try on expand on that one a little more. I also liked the shape of the face on that particular hairstyle which was just drawn randomly at the time I was sketching the hairstyle.


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