Purpose of Experiment

Characters are the most important aspect of any story so I want to insure all of mine are unique individuals and develop with my story. Ursula is at the epicentre of my project, therefore I thought it was extremely important to start with her when it came to designing characters. It took numerous steps to get to the final design of this character.

Approach Taken

First and foremost I always like to do some online research and generate ideas from what images I find on the net. From this I begin to do very rough and quick sketches to capture shapes. I find it extremely helpful to draw what I see rather than drawing from my head, that is always the way I have worked.

This method helps me establish a basis for things and then I always go back in and add my own style and make it completely unique to me. When I found a certain look, shape, hairstyle etc.. that I liked I went back in and added more detail to this certain drawing.

Technology Used

So I just used my laptop to look up different images online in order to get some ideas of where to start. As I just completed sketches for this particular part of my project the only tools I needed to use was Pencil and paper. I have to complete any drawing to a near perfectly finished piece before I even consider scanning it onto my computer to then digitise it.   


The outcomes of this particular experiment were extremely important. I determined what my main character would look like, which is one of the most important things to do with my project. I developed my own illustrative style and the way all my characters will now be developed.


By researching different things online it gave me so many more ideas than just trying to draw from my head. Quickly sketching a number of different shapes and styles really warms you up and leads you to creating something you are happy with in the end. From the numerous sketches I completed for Ursula’s character I think I may have also generated some Ideas for what Ariel will look like.


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