The Story


Purpose of Experiment

I hit a bit of a wall and I did not know exactly what way I wanted to go about telling the story or what exactly the story would be. I had three possible storylines floating around in my head and I could not for the life of me decide which one I wanted to pursue for my project.

The first possible storyline was my original idea, Ursula and Triton meet as children. Grow up to fall in love. Triton breaks Ursula’s heart leading to Ursula wanting revenge on Triton.

The second possible storyline was slightly darker in that Ursula may have been Ariel’s real mother.

The third was that Triton and Ursula are actually siblings, Ursula the older sibling but because Triton is male Ursula was overlooked for the crown leaving her bitter towards Triton and wanted revenge.

Approach Taken

I completed an individual mind map for every individual storyline. I then relayed all 3 possible storylines to a number of people, including friends and family and of course to people that meet the requirements of my target audience.

I found it was extremely helpful to get peoples input on my stories. The most helpful feedback I received however was from members of my target audience, I quickly learned that children can be bluntly honest.

Technology Used

For the mind maps I just used pen, paper and some colours, I found this would be the quickest and most affective way of doing these. As for telling the story I just sat and verbally explained each story.   


The outcomes of this experiment where extremely helpful to me. From the feedback I received I was able to choose my story. My first initial idea of Ursula and Triton falling in love when they where younger won everyone over so this is the storyline I proceeded with.  This also allowed people a glimpse into what my project was going to entail.


If I am completely honest the story of Ursula and Triton falling in love when they were younger is the storyline I always felt myself leaning towards, however, I did not know if this was the right story to proceed with. Doing this experiment was extremely valuable to me and allowed me to see that this is a story not only my target audience would want to read and learn more about but also some friends and family and people that are not in my set age range.


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