As my prototype I decided to depict a scene in my story in which Ursula and Triton are Teenagers. In the scene the two are very much in love. This particular illustration will be a two page spread and will reflect what is being said in the passage written on the page. Ursula is on the bottom of the left hand page lying on the ocean floor facing triton who is in a similar position on the right handed page. The two are gazing lovingly into one another eyes.

Prototype Objectives

To show what a two page spread would look like within my story book

emphasise how the illustrated piece reflects what is being said in the written passage also on the page

Capture the look and feel I want to go for

Creative and Technical Approaches Taken

Like anytime I begin to design something I always start with pencil and paper. The end design I chose to use for my prototype is a piece I drew a couple of months ago. I thought it would be perfect to use as a basis for my prototype. I scanned the sketch onto my computer and imported it into Adobe Illustrator. I then like always drew it with the pen tool.

The colours of the characters in the prototype may not be the end result just colours for the purpose of the prototype I always draw everything on separate layers making it easy to change colours or anything I may want to change.


When designing the prototype I tried to take an organised approach. I know that this prototype is going to showcase the final look and feel of my entire story even if it is not an actual piece I will include in my final story.  I really took my time digitising the image. The first draft of the prototype I just put an image I found online as the back ground. This was to give myself an idea of where I was going. I then roughly created my own backdrop.


I am happy enough with the outcome. This prototype gave myself and other an example of the type of look and feel I aim for in my story. I actually really liked how the image of Triton and Ursula looked and I think I will use it in my final storybook. However I may completely re-illustrate it and add a lot more detail.

Approach Taken in Testing Prototype

Like other times I showed the prototype to friends, family and members of my target audience. I explained what part of the story this would be based around. I received reasonably decent feedback.


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