Modern Twist

Purpose of Experiment

I really want to modernise the whole story. I really think it will give the story a new lease of life and make it really unique to me. I have a number of ideas when it comes to how I will achieve this. I think the biggest step in modernising the story is in what way my characters will be dressed.

Approach Taken

First I need to research fashion, clothing and styles from the different decades in which my story is set. We first see Ursula and Triton meet as seven year olds in 1987 so the first step is to see what kind of clothes children were wearing during that time.

Next we see Ursula and Triton as teenagers in the year 1995 Same idea again just research some style and fashion trends amongst teenagers during that time. The remainder of the story is set in and around 2015 therefore characters during this time will be dressed accordingly to this year.

Technology Used

I did some research online to determine some styles during these timeframes. I also did quick sketches as I was going along depending on what I was finding in my research. I drafted up a final look of how Triton may look as a teenager in 1995 scanned it on my computer and drew it up in illustrator.


I had a number of different outcomes due to this experiment. I had a numerous sketches by the end and one finished digitised character. I drew Triton as a teenager in the year 1995. I drew him with short brown hair and an orange tale, to give him a modern twist I added a backwards cap to his head and placed a crab shell under his arm as if it was  a football.


I’m glad I did some research into different styles and fashion trends during different decades in order to really capture the modernisation of the story as best I can. However, Some of the fashion I found was a little out there and most likely will not work. I will try my best to keep the influence from the different time periods throughout the story however I think I will take a little step back and modernise it in my own way.


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