Purpose of Experiment

When I was fully happy with my hand drawing of Ursula I then thought it was time to scan this image into my computer and draw it in Adobe Illustrator. It was really good to see what she looked like digitised. However, I did not yet know what colour skin, hair or eyes I wanted her to have. I began to play around with different options in Illustrator.

Approach Taken

Once I scanned the picture of my pencil drawing in I began to draw Ursula in Adobe Illustrator mainly working with the pen tool. I drew every single aspect of her head on different layers just to make it easier to go in and change certain things later.

Firstly I made Ursula have tan skin and brown hair, I then made numerous versions of this one drawing but all in different colours.

Technology Used

I mainly just worked on Adobe Illustrator to achieve this. Illustrator is a platform I am extremely comfortable using and I thought it was the best tool to achieve the look of the character.


There are around eight different possible colour palettes for Ursula to choose from. This experiment really allowed me to play around with colour and determine what Ursula may possibly look like in my final story.


I am really happy I experimented with a lot of different colour schemes for this character. I drew everything in Illustrator in a way that makes it really easy for me to change things if I need to. This is something I will do for each and every Character I design.


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