Purpose of Experiment

I need to determine what style of background I want to include in my storybook. I did not know if I wanted detailed backgrounds or minimal backgrounds. Do I want the characters to be the main focus on each page? Do I think a detailed background will distract from this? I was unsure of what way to gosh I thought it would be a good idea to experiment with possible styles.

Approach Taken

First I researched some images of under the sea to gain some inspiration. I began to rough sketch some ideas to aid in placements of certain things. I know different parts of the story will require different background images. For this experiment I decided to try out so backgrounds that I would use in a scene like my prototype.

Technology Used

After sketching some rough ideas I decided to just hit the ground running and try and digits something and see what the result would be. I again like always used Adobe Illustrator.


I produced two slightly different backgrounds, I tried to keep them simple


I concluded that it is a real challenge for designing backgrounds that are suppose to be under water, It is hard to determine distance and differentiate between certain things as the primary colour you are mostly working with is the colour blue. Some of the Backgrounds I produced I was not happy with at all so I intend to work extremely hard at this part to ensure I am happy with it.


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