Playing Around with Ideas

So I began to mindmap all the ideas I had and just get them down on paper. I did three separate mindmaps one for each of the ideas and I think by doing this it gave me a better idea of the storyline I was leaning towards.

Firstly I thought about the initial idea I had. A young Triton and Ursula fall in love. Triton breaks Ursula’s heart which sets her on a revengeful path and leads us into the story we all know as The Little Mermaid. It will be told however from Ursula’s point of view and the aim is to get the audience to sympathise with her, understand why she is the way she is and root for her.


The second idea I began to play around with was set completely pre Ariel and the story we all know so well. It focuses completely on when Ursula and Triton are kids. The  children of two enemies strike up an unlikely friendship that leads to them falling in love. A classic concept of forbidden love that is very popular to portray. The ending could be not so happy which sets up the story of Ursula and Triton then becoming Enemies.


So the last idea that has been floating around in my head is a little bit darker. I play around with the idea that Ursula is actually Ariel’s Mother. Ursula is cursed and Longs to be a mermaid again so she sympathises with Ariel’s plea to want to be a human.




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