The way in which Disney illustrated The Little Mermaid is quite beautiful. The animations are seamless, overall the whole piece is brilliant which is the reason it is a classic and a favourite of many. Most people  would recognise Disney’s The little mermaid immediately. The red headed beauty is an icon.

I want to create a unique portrayal of the story. However I do want the characters to be somewhat recognisable to fans. I plan to make my characters unique with some essence of the disney drawings put in to tie everything together nicely.

This may be where I face challenges. How do I portray that these characters are your childhood favourites without ripping off others ideas. This makes me think about completely reworking the characters and making them unique to me and my ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.53.29 p.m..png      tumblr_inline_mqviv2FTKU1qz4rgp.jpg       b_1313209123031.jpg

I feel the fact I am telling the story from a different angle and in a different time that the story automatically becomes unique. So therefore keeping some of what you see in the classic Disney movie may be ok.

The look of characters and style will be a big factor in my story soon, Once I perfect the story from start to finish, Which is what I am concentrating on now. I just couldn’t help but think about the look and style of the characters.


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