The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka (book) 1996

This is a rewrite of the infamous “Three Little Pigs” story we all know so well. The book is written from the big bad wolf’s point of view. At the start the wolf speaks of how he can understand why people give him that title because of previous diet choices he made, which included cute animals such as bunnies. However on the day of the three little pig “murders” he claims he was much more innocent than made out.

At the start the wolf is baking his grandmother a birthday cake and needs to borrow some sugar, he sets out to knock on his neighbours house, which is made of straw. Mr.Wolf is also suffering with a cold. He mocks his neighbour for his poor choice in building materials when it came to his house. He asked for a cup of sugar and was turned away, due to his cold the wolf could not help but sneeze and down came the straw house, he didn’t mean it but he continued to eat the pig anyway.

The wolf still needed sugar so he proceeded to the next house, a little sturdier made from sticks, once again he was refused sugar from the other mean pig and yet again a sneeze came along and down came the second house, and for his rudeness the wolf ate the second pig. When the wolf reached the third house which was made from bricks he was impressed with the third pigs brain power to use such materials as they offer protection, the third pig was rude and refused sugar to the wolf, no sneeze would knock down this house but after the pig mocked the wolf’s grandmother the wolf proceeded to shout at him and try get in, the police came and locked the wolf up. The wolf claims they changed the story to make it more interesting as it didn’t seem good enough to tell a tale about an old wolf with a cold just looking for some sugar.


There are some strengths in this book in regarding how it relates to my project. It is a classic tale told from the villains point of view, it does not make the villain the hero but it does elaborate on why the villain is the villain.

When it comes to weaknesses In my opinion I see quite a few, However I will give it the benefit of the doubt as it is a children’s book, it is quite silly over all and not too serious. The main weaknesses it does not get across the same idea I would like to achieve in my project, like I said I would like to make the audience kind of root for my villain and understand why she is the way she is. In this story the wolf uses little reason as to why he eats the pigs which I think is inexcusable.


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