The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride (film) 1998

Although this is not a reworked tale it does still have the same essence of villains turning out to be good. As Simba’s daughter Kiara grows up she meets the son of her father’s enemy, Covo. Covo was trained from birth to hate Simba and his family. He gets sent to befriend Kiara, claim he left his family in order to get into Pride rock, catch Simba off guard and kill him. This is what Covo intends to do, Until Covo and Kiara fall in love and he backs out. This still results in Covo being exiled from Pride Rock after Simba finds out what he has been up to. Even thought Covo came from the villains in the story and was groomed to kill Simba he is still a very much loved character. The audience root for him to make amends with Simba and Kiara.



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