My Final Story Idea

The story I chose to work with is “ The Little Mermaid”. More so the Disney version with some dark influence form the original Hans Christian Anderson tale. In my depiction of the story we will see Ursula, the devious villain in the Disney animation and King Triton, Ariel’s( The Little Mermaid) father, as young children. The two meet by chance, both innocent and playful. They become close friends and eventually fall in love. Ursula is besotted by the young Triton. Then something happens that forces Triton to betray Ursula and break her heart. This leads into the story that we all know, Ursula the villainous sea witch targeting Triton and in particular his daughter Ariel. I will keep to the same idea of the Disney movie, however Ursula will be a more prominent character, concentrating on her and showing her in a slightly better light.

Ursula_3 ariel_and_ursula__for_cegi93_by_serisabibi-d7guzoc Ariel-as-Ursula-disney-princess-18273913-360-500

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