Maleficent (film) 2014

Maleficent is the retelling of the classic tale “Sleeping Beauty’. At the start we see Maleficent as a child, a fairy. Living in peace and harmony on the other side of the forest away from Humans. Maleficent then befriends a human boy and they fall in love. The Human then betrays her for the king and cuts off her wings, In turn Maleficent becomes a bitter woman and gets revenge on the man who betrayed hers daughter. Maleficent casts a spell that brings us to the story that we all know as “Sleeping Beauty”.

We see how Maleficent watches over the young princess as she grows up and in turn takes a very unexpected liking to her. Maleficent regrets casting the spell and tries to break it but she cant, it is too strong. At the end when Maleficent is being attacked by the kings guards you cant help but want her to live, in fact you cant help but like her throughout the whole movie and root for her in the end, this is the same effect I hope to achieve in my project.


When it comes to strengths, the story succeeds in explaining to the audience how Maleficent became the evil villain that she is. The audience sympathizes with her because of what she went through, In the end not really anyone is the villain it seems the king and Maleficent are just as bad as each other, However you could argue Maleficent shows remorse for the curse she bestowed upon princess Aurora and the king does not show any remorse for what he did to Maleficent. My main goal is to get the audience to root for the villain( Ursula the Sea Witch) I feel this film gave me some ideas on how to do so and for that I am really glad I watched it.

I could not find many weaknesses with the film. The only and most obvious one being that it is a film and my project is a graphic novel. Films can have greater impacts on you as they are so in your face, this drives me to work even harder to get a similar affect through my image based project.


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