Hook and Peter (book) 2013

This book follows a story a lot of us know too well, Peter Pan. This depiction of the famous story brings us a reversal of roles between our favourite characters. Long story short, Hook is the hero and Pan is the villain. The story follows Hook as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of the Darling children. Pan is a cunning child abductor who uses his “shadow” to spy on families and gather intelligence. Neverland is a place abducted children can never return from. Peter Pan manipulates the “lost boys” so they stay with him, he strikes fear of what the pirates(police) will do to them if they leave.


I think this story is extremely interesting. The writer completely reversed the roles of the villain and hero from the original story. You automatically hate Pan for what he is. This is not like any of the others I have spoke about as many others stick to the original story but just give you a better understanding as to why the bad guy is bad. In Hook and Peter the story is completely re-written. I think its very clever and don’t see any weaknesses in it.


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