Cinderella is a true fairytale. Disney depicted a brilliant animation loved by many. The story is timeless, has a happy ending( like most disney stories) and is extremely child friendly in its content after all they are the company’s target audience.

In the Disney version Cinderella can speak to birds and her fairy god mother sends her to the ball with a beautiful ball gown. She is still kind to her step mother and step sisters even though they treat her badly.


In the Brothers Grimm version of the tale, Cinderella has no fairy god mother. The magic tree at her mothers grave sends her to the ball and there is not only one ball but three. Her step sister self mutilate when it comes to trying to fit into her slipper for the prince, one cuts off her toes and the other her heel.

After cinderella marries the prince her step sisters see it fit to go to the wedding to stay in Cinderella’s good graces when they are attacked by birds and get their eyes pecked out. All of this is brought to life in the recent film, Into the Woods.

Im enjoying researching the difference between how disney portrays these stories and how they were really written. It is good to know both sides in order to perhaps come up with my own spin on it altogether.


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