Marina Munn

I decided to broadened my horizons. I am not fully sure what I would like to do for my FYP. I am glad I researched some bits to do with my original pitch of an interactive colouring book, however, like I mentioned before I am 100% open to changing my idea. I am certain I want to work with graphics as it is what I would like to do in the future.

I began to google some graphic work, My aim was to just look at visuals and see what caught my eye. I came across an editorial illustrator on named Marina Munn. I loved the designs, they were so different to any thing I have ever created. they were extremely abstract and interesting. The designs were for numerous clients for the likes of magazines, advertising etc..

12071864_872029199518129_163593104_n 12071380_872029182851464_1129605262_n

12071277_872029322851450_2092871134_n 12064369_872029219518127_542188765_n 12032397_872029289518120_1779943797_n

Seeing Munn’s work really inspired me to start thinking about doing something like these for my FYP


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