Tone Deaf

This is another animated short. It has been done in a very similar style to Sweet Cocoon. The reason I am looking at similar pieces is that I love this style of drawing! Even if I choose to not do an animated piece I do really want to do something involving illustrations and this is the style I would love to try capture.

The animation starts in an enchanted type forest, A unicorn begins to sing, followed by all the little woodland creatures such as squirrels and birds. In the midst was a little princess, all focus goes onto her. When she begins to sing animals start dying and the unicorn starts to puke rainbows. The little princess is unaware that she is very much tone deaf and wont quit singing.

It is again quite a funny piece I cant really fault it in many ways. I really liked the idea and how the creators are not afraid to be bold.

Link to Video:


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