Sweet Cocoon

Sweet Cocoon is a 2015 Oscar nominated animated short. I chose to review this piece as I always had a keen interest in animation. The short is a 3D animation and is beautifully put together. I definitely agree with it’s academy award nomination.

The piece starts with a caterpillar dragging an empty cocoon, when the caterpillar sees a large bird fly overhead she gets quite flustered and tries to squeeze into the cocoon, it begins to get quite funny. Two insects passing by, see the caterpillars struggles and do everything in their power to help her. Although there is no dialogue other than grunts and sounds from the characters the piece is extremely easy to follow.

The caterpillar finally gets into the cocoon and the other two insects witness her emerge as a beautiful butterfly, just as you think she is going to “fly of into the sunset” and live “happily ever after” the same bird from earlier comes along and swallows her whole! The animation then ends on this abrupt note.

I really liked this piece, it made me laugh and kept my attention the entire time. The illustrations and animations are done beautifully and is definitely a standard of work I would only dream of being able to produce. Seeing a piece like this really motivates you to work a lot harder. I would definitely consider doing an animation short for my FYP.

Theres not really anything about the animation that I don’t like, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the abrupt end. It teaches you that not every animation has to end on a high. Which a lot of people may think as animations are mainly aimed at children. The bird eating the butterfly is very literal of the world we live in and this animation portrayed it very well in my opinion.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0a0aNqTehM


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