Strengths and weaknesses

I believe I have a number of strengths as a digital media student. I have a keen interest in both design and computer based work. Although this is not only what the course entails, I feel it is a good starting point. My favourite modules within the course are always the art based ones, I do not really enjoy web coding, although I do like the design process of a site whether it be in photoshop etc.. I have somewhat of an interest in video. I thoroughly enjoy editing I feel I have a good eye for this. Overall my interests definitely lie within design classes. Adobe Illustrator is my favourite software to use. I know my way around the workspace quite well and always really enjoy completing work using it.

In the course overall I wouldn’t be too confident with a few things. I wish to improve my coding skills. I can code a basic site using HTML and CSS, however, I would love to understand other languages such as JS and C# in order to produce more user friendly interactive pieces of work. When it comes to video I would really like to improve my script writing and overall execution of a story. Although Illustrating and design is my favourite aspect of the course I still have tremendous room to grow in this field, I feel I need to practice more on all different softwares to get an even better knowledge of the workspaces so I can use them to my full advantage.

Through this project I really want to address a number of weaknesses. First are some not directly tied to the course. I would like to get more organised and keep on top of my work, something I have struggled with previously. I really want to push myself to produce something I could use as a portfolio piece. I am hoping to do a design based project but maybe I could address some weaknesses of mine within web. I can build a site to go along with my project and include some JS or C# to help me get a better understanding of these.

I feel my skills are leading towards an area I would like to work in. Im not 100% sure what exactly I would like to do in the future but I know it will definitely be to do with design. Not only am I most skilful within design software this is where I most enjoy myself.

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