1. A  documentary on teenagers in Ireland.
  2. Role models in the creative industry.
  3. An interactive children’s game.
  4. A piece on Feminism In the creative industry.
  5. A photo essay on animals.
  6. A non linear film.
  7. A website for body image.
  8. Create a brand identity for a new company.
  9. A documentary on homelessness in Ireland.
  10. A documentary on immigrants in Ireland
  11. An interactive short film about a young boy who finds himself trapped in a game.
  12. Create an online presence for an existing company.
  13. Create a fashion app.
  14. Create a fitness app.
  15. A short animation on the importance of eating healthy.
  16. Create an interactive colouring book for kids.
  17. Revamp an existing brand as a fictional project to show off skill set.
  18. Avant garde style film on the meaning of life.
  19. A makeup app.
  20. A child friendly app.

Number 3. I would like to create an interactive children’s game. I thought it would be a good idea for the user to learn as they play the game. The game may be based on geography, the user must fly all over the world completing tasks to obtain new information about that country.

Number 11. A short film about a television obsessed boy that soon finds himself in the midst of his favourite shows.

Number 8. Creating a complete brand identity for a new company or fictional company could give a lot of experience in this field and what exactly it entails.


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