Areas of Work

The digital media industry is so broad. There are so many different job opportunities. I would say that I primarily want to work with design, but nowadays your best off having a wide range of skills to make yourself more employable, for example if you can design a beautiful website on photoshop and then code it yourself you will be much more desirable to employers than someone who just designs the site but has no clue about code. This is why I really want to improve in may different areas. There are so many possible jobs out there that you would not even think of. You could work as a graphic designer in an accountancy firm and design their corporate leaflets, flyers etc., places like this that you wouldn’t necessarily think of right off the bat. I don’t see myself designing corporate flyers however, I was just using that as an example.

I would love to work as an illustrator or as a designer for big events/brands. I also have a keen interest in brand identities. Taking a company and designing its whole image, colour scheme and logo, I was even considering a project like this for my Final Year Project. The list goes on and on for job opportunities. I am hoping  on the completion of my Project I will have a better idea of where I may possibly see myself working in the future. This would give me something to work towards.


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